Translating Strategic Intent to Operational Reality


Our Team and Network

Ironlink is a team of seasoned and highly reliable Industrial Practitioners; we are people with significant operational management experience, our profiles are similar to typical senior in-house line managers. Our focus is practical implementation and measurable outcomes by working collaboratively alongside in-house management.

Our team includes people who have served as supervisors, managers, engineers, superintendents, executive officers and consultants. We bring many decades of experience across a broad range of industries and skillsets. Ironlink Practitioners work at all levels of leadership from Maintenance Team Management to Chief Operating Officer.

Our experience means we can take on complex tasks and initiatives while decreasing the burden on the busy in-house management team. This creates the freeboard needed to get valuable work done “in” or “on” the business and strengthen the organisation at the same time.

"Ironlink has the benefit of deep operational experience from outside our own industry"

Neil Blom
Executive General Manager
Asset Management Services
Downer Infrastructure


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